Israeli Brand Buys Super Bowl Time to Support Fictional Team

By Kiran Aditham 

As we inch closer to Sunday’s big game, here’s a somewhat peculiar effort marking what we’ve been told is the first Super Bowl commercial by an Israeli agency for a strictly Israeli brand.

This campaign comes from Tel-Aviv-based Yehoshua\TBWA for Fattal Hotels, a hospitality chain that is quite forthcoming regarding its lack of football knowledge. The brand decided to cull its own fictional team from the Midwest — North Platte, NE, specifically — to help reach the audience during the Patriots-Seahawks matchup.


North Platte is used to basking in the Super Bowl spotlight after the Will Ferrell ads from 2011’s championship game.

The campaign targets those seeking a little post-game respite. According to the parties involved:

“We don’t know anything about American football, that’s why we’re the perfect getaway spot for football fans that want to relax their mind after a tiring season. As part of this concept, we decided to pull a small publicity stunt and choose a distant town in Nebraska that has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Actually, it doesn’t even have a college team. Since we don’t understand anything about this sport, we created a commercial that will be broadcasted strictly in North Platte, Nebraska and stand out by wishing their local (nonexistent) team best of luck in the big game and inviting them for a vacation in Fattal Hotels Israel – a country that knows nothing about football but knows a lot about hosting and vacations.”

Agency: YEHOSHUA\TBWA, Tel-Aviv, Israel

VP Creative: Maya Kerman

VP Media: Nevo Carmi

Media: Naomi Gabison

Copywriters: Avihai Nizri, Alon Hadad, Tal Schweiger

Art Directors: Ofer Hajayov, Miki Hakim, Noam Laist