Thursday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Forsman & Bodenfors trolled an electric car show with a 100-year-old tram in a stunt for the Swedish Public Transit Service (video above).

-Nord DDB is behind this emotional Swedish McDonald’s ad telling the true story of how the Ronald McDonald House started in the country.

Todd Lancaster, CCO and co-owner of Dallas creative collective GoDo Discovery Co. says he’s living his “forever plan.”


-That awful holiday ad is probably not what tanked Peloton’s stock value.

Peloton’s pitch deck, meanwhile, called for “no cheesy ads.” Hmm.

-Environmental lawyers for ClientEarth filed a complaint against BP accusing it of misleading consumers with its “Keep Advancing” campaign which it characterizes as greenwashing.

-ThoughtMatter hired design directors Wednesday Krus and Samantha Barbagiovanni.