Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Cincinnati-based agency Empower was understandably excited about the hometown Bengals not only making it far in the playoffs but now going to the Super Bowl. To celebrate the team’s winning ways, the Empower folks took a cue from one of the top endzone dances of all time, the “Icky Shuffle” from Icky Woods, a star of the team in the late ’80s and early ’90s. One of Empower’s employees donned a Cincy sweatshirt, played on the agency’s shuffleboard table and did a spirited Icky Shuffle after a successful shot.

-The Super Bowl is on every advertiser’s mind lately, and Adweek looks at what brands are doing to generate buzz around the game, including the many stunts that are happening.


-Michelob Ultra released a few teasers for the big game, including a bowling spot with Big Lebowski star Steve Buscemi.

-Liquid Death is crashing the Super Bowl by betting $50,000 on the game and sending what the brand is calling a practicing witch to throw hexes from the stands.

-Adweek looked at how agency Wpromote, one of the fastest growing agencies, nutures talent.

-Is potato milk the next new thing in plant-based beverages? Adweek took a look at potato milk brand Dug to find out.

-As part of Adweek’s Columnist Network, Paul Roberts, CEO and founder of Kubient, writes about how companies must prepare for more contingency planning this year.