Creative Duo Auctions an NFT for ‘Your Next Freelance Team’

By Kyle O'Brien 

Simon Carr and Tristan Lenszner make up a creative duo that has worked for various agencies in Europe, including TBWA Amsterdam, Iris Amsterdam and Innocean London, but now the freelance creatives are marketing themselves through the blockchain.

Tristan + Simon, now a freelance duo, looked to the rise of NFTs for inspiration to get their next job in the gig economy. While most people know the initials NFT as non-fungible tokens, Tristan + Simon have reimagined the letters to mean “Your Next Freelance Team.”

Carr and Lenszner have listed their freelance services as a creative team through a purchasable NFT. The NFT will give the buyer the right to two weeks of Tristan + Simon’s creative services.


The NFT will need to be “burned,” essentially sent to a digital wallet, in order to be redeemed upon purchase. The shiny, multicolor rotating image of the duo’s logo is linked for auction on OpenSea.

The NFT is listed with a starting price in the WETH cryptocurrency that correlates to the market rate of two weeks freelance for a senior creative team in Amsterdam.

To get familiar with the duo’s work, which includes global campaigns for Adidas, as well as work for McDonald’s, Desperados and Hyundai, you can visit their website. The NFT project also has a dedicated Twitter page.