Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-In two comic short films released by AICP to promote entry to the AICP Awards (deadline March 12), two artists get client feedback to hilariously disastrous results. In “Museum-Worthy,” Vincent Van Gogh works in his studio as two account people spouting contemporary marketing-speak, bring unwelcome feedback on his classic “Starry Night.” Similarly, account folks in 1930s-era garb approach Frida Kahlo to tell her that one of the junior clients found elements of “Self Portrait with Monkey” a bit “confrontational and distracting.” The films were directed by O Positive’s Brian Billow, with creative concepts and consultation by creatives from BBDO, led by Chris Beresford-Hill, CCO of the Americas, and editorial from Cutters.

-If you watched the Academy Awards, you may have seen host Jimmy Kimmel host a toast of tequila shots, and here’s how he did it.


-ABC and linear TV won the night for the Oscars.

-The chief marketing officer position may be in decline, and in some cases, that might not be a bad thing.

-Almost a year after the industry outcry over made-for-advertising inventory, ads from large brands are still being served on spammy websites.

-Spring may be upon us, but the winter socked in some places with snow for a long while. The Domino’s Plowing for Pizza campaign saw close to 27,000 nominations from 7,400 unique zip codes across all 50 states, including Hawaii. Domino’s gave 20 towns $25,000 each in plowing grants, equaling half a million dollars.