Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The football season is underway, and Progressive Insurance has launched the second run of its “Replay” campaign. The campaign is based on the insight that there are moments in life where we wish we could throw the replay challenge flag to settle a disagreement. In “Game Plans,” a young daughter throws the Replay challenge flag to show what really happened in a conversation with her mother and her true feelings about attending a friend’s house to watch the game. One thing that is never challenged, however, is saving money when you bundle home and auto insurance with Progressive.

-Speaking of football, Bud Light has kicked off the NFL’s upcoming season with an ad starring real fans as it tries to win back beer drinkers.


-In big win news, Verizon has named Ogilvy creative agency of record for its consumer business.

-The Harlem Globetrotters hadn’t had a television series since the 1970s, until Keith Dawkins came along and set out to establish a new presence in a vastly changed media landscape.

-Adweek looks at how PepsiCo has grown its first-party data stores by 50%.

-Show-Me Organics, a house of cannabis brands, found out that its ads were a no-go recently when it tried to air a Big Pharma-style ad called “Ask Your Doctor.”

-The trend of using cinema ads as a performance marketing channel is gaining traction among advertisers, especially for brands like and Burger King.