Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-FC Home and Deco and Wunderman Thompson Lima have come up with a design innovation that adapts to increasing rates of divorce and apartment-sharing among young people in Peru. A modular range of furniture splits in two, encouraging friendlier splitting of belongings between partners and friends. “The Friendly Break Up Collection” is a line of furniture that breaks apart when people break-up. The furniture in the collection is named after celebrity breakups, including the BradIston Sofa, GarnAfleck rug, DemiLlis coffee table, CruisMan bookcase.

-Lego is taking the trendy next step of entering the metaverse in partnership with Epic Games, the entertainment behemoth behind Fortnite.


-Gardening chain Dobbies Garden Centres has released a campaign that aims to motivate and compel gardeners to take action.

-Innocence in Danger, an international charity that protects children against violence and abuse, has co-opted Apple’s AirDrop technology to make a clever point about just how easy it is for kids to receive unsolicited lewd pictures via Bluetooth.

Caitlin Rush, global head of brand safety strategy at Twitter, writes that conversations can be the antidote to problems when people truly seek to listen, learn and understand.

-AB InBev’s Pilsen Callao in Peru has teamed with Fahrenheit DDB and DDB’s global gaming agency FTW to develop AI bots capable of translating real-time conversations in Spanish to a universal gamer sign language.

-Three Rethink employees are launching a new agency that will be part of No Fixed Address, Inc., one of Rethink’s competitors in the Canadian market.

-Hendrick’s Gin has enlisted three lighthouses to be given a makeover using artistic projections to promote its Neptunia Gin release.