Barrett Helps Attentive Spark a Conversation About Mobile Messaging

By Kyle O'Brien 

Agency Barrett has launched a national b-to-b campaign for text message marketing platform Attentive to help people “Start the Conversation” about the company’s mobile messaging by advertising in places that aren’t mobile.

Barrett uses familiar and traditional advertising mediums to focus attention on what is different—and more engaging—about text message marketing. Traditional mediums, such as digital, OOH, video and print, cannot be replied back to while mobile provides a way for marketers to speak directly with their consumers.

“You can’t have a conversation with this ad,” states a print ad, “But if this ad was sent through a text, right onto your phone—you could.” The ad explains how text ads can be personalized and that Attentive customers see $55 in sales for every $1 spent.


Other messages include “You Can’t Reply to a Billboard” and “96% of New Yorkers carry a cellphone. 0% carry a billboard.”

This is the brand’s first integrated awareness campaign and Barrett’s first for the client after winning the assignment in January 2022.

“Over 81% of consumers in a recent consumer survey said they are opted into text messages from at least one of their favorite brands,” said Brooke Burdge, svp of brand marketing at Attentive. “Consumers are ready to connect with brands via text—and that’s where Attentive comes in to empower these interactions. Our first major brand campaign champions text conversations as the most meaningful way for customers and brands to communicate, in a witty and playful manner.”

Throughout the campaign, a text bubble appears on a bright yellow branded background challenging marketers to rethink the way they drive meaningful conversations with their customers. Viewers can interact with the ads via QR codes to experience personalized text messages in action.

“As marketers, we all stress the importance of creating a dialogue with consumers. The goal is to talk with them, not at them. But only text message marketing really delivers on that goal. We thought it would be interesting to use the less effective mediums to highlight that fact,” said Jamie Barrett, executive creative director at Barrett.

Attentive is placing its ads in traditional advertising mediums in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, along with print ads in major papers and podcasts.