Mischief Goes OOH for Second Wave of Vaccine Confidence Boosters

By Kyle O'Brien 

As the vaccines are slowly making their way into the arms of the population, Pfizer/BioNtech has come out with a second wave of advertising to help convince people to get vaccinated—because it will help us get back to a degree of normalcy and humanity.

The first round from the vaccine producer was lauded by the Adweek mothership for its immediacy and empathy, showing that we’re all exhausted from Covid-19 and that getting vaccinated will help us be able to hug again and say properly emotional goodbyes.

The second wave is like a booster shot, showing more examples of the very human reasons to get vaccinated but adding a little humor in Q&A form to the OOH ads. In Jeopardy format, one gives the answer of “Because my dog has seen me dance too many times,” with the question being “Why will you get vaccinated?”


The format repeats with other answers to the same question, like “Because PDA needs a public,” and “Because I have a year’s worth of last minute plans to make” (seen in situ below). All are tagged with “Science can make it possible. Only you can make it real.”The ad drives viewers to SciencePossible.com, which links to trusted, third-party sites offering more detailed information about Covid-19 like the CDC and World Health Organization.

The second part of the vaccine confidence PSA campaign was again created by Mischief @ No Fixed Address in collaboration with Dini von Mueffling Communications. The OOH ads will run in over 175 U.S. markets with Quan Media Group’s donated media and a commitment by the NBA to run the ads across its network.