Jeff Goldblum Wants You to Find a New Place to Put All of the Stuff You Just Bought

By Doug Zanger 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for more Jeff Goldblum. Just when you think you might get tired of the quirky star, you realize that you just can’t get enough. Whether it’s selling artisan knots, talking climate change, lounging by the Thames or sharing men’s grooming tips, the lanky star’s chameleon quality never gets old.

Thankfully, RPA has brought Goldblum back (as Brad Bellflower, the loony “Inventor of the Apartminternet”) in a new social campaign on Facebook for during the shopping “holidays.”

Buying a bunch of stuff on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Well, today is Find a Better Place for All Your New Stuff Tuesday—the invented holiday you didn’t know you needed—and the day to find a new apartment for all of this stuff you just had to buy.



The creative started on Thanksgiving and is pretty straightforward, but need we remind you that we’re talking about Jeff Goldblum?! This is indeed the same person who could read the IHOP menu and end up winning an Academy Award (something we’d probably all like to see).

The new mini-vignettes may not be as wonderfully puzzling as some of the brand’s other work, but it works just fine in scratching that delightful Goldblum itch.