Grey San Francisco Adds a Little Wine to Its Roster

By Patrick Coffee 

Pernod-Ricard is expanding its agency palate with a bit of Grey.

The French company, which is also one of America’s largest distributors of distilled beverages and Absolut Vodka, has awarded a new portion of its business to Grey San Francisco after picking TBWA (which already handled its Jameson and Martel brands in addition to others) to promote its newly acquired wine brand Kenwood Vineyards back in May.

The win concerns Graffigna, an Argentinian Malbec wine that the Pernod-Ricard will soon reintroduce to the U.S., Europe and Canada. The client held a competitive review after establishing its new marketing hub in Santa Rosa.


Regarding the win, Grey S.F. president Milan Martin writes:

“Pernod Ricard’s history of innovation and entrepreneurship is a good fit with our culture.  We’re excited to help them grow from their new home in the Napa Valley the way we’ve helped other clients grow from here in the Silicon Valley.”

The new business marks a small-scale comeback of sorts for Grey S.F. following the office’s April pickup of renewable energy company SunEdison, followed by a pickup of the Lending Tree business in May.

Media spending on the new business has yet to be determined.

And yes, we know this stock image is from Italy. Get over it.