Agency Holiday Cards: Second Mailing

By Kyle O'Brien 

Adweek’s agency holiday card roundup has become a holiday favorite, and sometimes we just can’t fit all those varied and various greetings into one roundup.

Here’s a second round for those agencies that missed getting into our original. Enjoy the variations on holiday themes from agencies big and small.

Acento, “The Gift of Life”


The Acento Gift of Life contains potentially life-saving shots of Naloxone.

This holiday season, cross-cultural advertising agency Acento is embracing the spirit of giving with a life-saving ornament. Recognizing the human and social vulnerability highlighted this year by the Fentanyl crisis, Acento is taking a unique approach to holiday gifting with “The Gift of Life,” an initiative to create awareness and action for accidental opioid overdoses. Each crystalline ornament includes two Naloxone nasal sprays—a life-saving drug capable of reversing the effects of an opioid overdose.

Archer, “Holiday Wish Book”

Archer’s 2023 Holiday Wish Book is a time-traveling extravaganza inspired by the iconic toy catalogs of the past. Who needs sugarplum fairies when you’ve got marketers unwrapping the gifts of their dreams for 2024? All those snazzy images featuring marketers living their best (and totally fictional) lives were whipped up by none other than our AI buddies.


Barker is making its fourth annual donation to Feeding America, the largest network of food banks, food pantries and meal programs in the United States. The agency is also donating its services to the NYC holiday pop-up event The Gingerbread City, a thought-provoking metropolis of gingerbread and sweets. Proceeds benefit The Museum of Architecture Grant Giving Fund, which supports efforts beyond traditional design practices to engage the public in learning, collaboration and action.

Hanson Dodge, Holiday card

The holiday card created by Hanson Dodge for 2023 has been designed to look like a laptop computer. The recipient receives and opens to icons on “screen,” which are arranged like a Christmas tree. The icons include holiday items such as a star, ugly sweater, gingerbread cookie, Chinese take-out order and wrapped gift. The recipient then unfolds the card completely to reveal the holiday message: “Thanks for keeping our hearts and our folders full this year. – Your friends at Hanson Dodge.”

Isobel, “Isobel United FC”

Isobel is kicking off Christmas with isobel United FC. In its annual Christmas card, the independent creative agency has traveled back in time to the 1970’s with a football team tableaux, rich in retro detail. Shot by isobel’s in-house production arm igor, the images feature wigs and real/not real facial hair that any Sunday league team from the ’70s would be proud of. The bespoke Isobel United jersey and other merchandise can be bought from

Klick Health, “The Happiest Holiday Video”

Klick Health’s annual holiday video asks, “What makes you happy?” That’s the question Klick has been asking its people (in various forms) every morning for years on its #Klick-Happy Slack. This holiday season, Klick looked back at the thousands of Klickster responses and answered back in “The Happiest Holiday Video.”

Jack Morton, sustainable backpacks

Jack Morton is giving the gift of sustainability by repurposing materials from some of its recent client campaigns and turning them into hundreds of backpacks that the agency will donate to at-risk and homeless veterans. It partnered with RareForm for design and manufacturing and Backpacks for Life to get them to the people who need them most.

Momentum Worldwide: “Make it Matter Day”

Momentum Worldwide had its Make it Matter Day on December 13. The day brought together its 1,000+ employees from across the global agency to share knowledge and explore the interconnectedness of DEI, sustainability and wellness. The day included panel discussions, interactive workshops and a volunteer opportunity.

Moosylvania: “Holiday gifts from the rack”

If you’re trying to figure out what to give a client who just might have everything, St. Louis independent agency Moosylvania says to let them choose. The agency opened an online store, dubbed The Rack, and updated stock throughout the year with sustainability-minded items. For the holidays it created a digital ecosystem where clients use Moose Coin and pick out exactly what they wanted. One gift is a traditional holiday tin stuffed with an assortment of snacks.

Neverland, “Fairy Dust”

This Christmas, each of neverland’s clients and production partners will receive their own tin of Fairy Dust. Included alongside this are simple instructions to sprinkle a little bit on all their briefs for 2024, to help them find that extra bit of special magic.

Partners + Napier

Partners + Napier offers a cheeky peek behind the curtain of how the agency “fuels the creative fire.” Spoiler: it takes a lot of bad ideas to get to the good stuff, and the Partners + Napier creative team is sharing a few of the ideas that they’re glad ended up as kindling.

Powell Communications, “Athena Cookbook”

In the spirit of the holidays and giving, the team at Powell put together its first-ever Athena Cookbook, a collection of some of our favorite recipes and named after our trademark Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. We wanted to share these recipes that mean so much to us, and we hope they bring you some holiday cheer and joy.

Primacy, “JingleBot HolidAI Card Generator”

Primacy has gone beyond the basic greeting card to deliver an innovative and festive experience. The JingleBot HolidAI Card Generator is a custom-built tool that incorporates personalization into all holiday wishes with a technical finesse that sets it apart from other AI card creations.

The Purpose Group, “HospiTales”

The Purpose Group, a healthcare-focused group of ad agencies, leads with purpose, bringing holiday cheer in the form of a book series called HospiTales to the 100,000+ kids in the U.S. who are forced to spend the holidays in the hospital.

R/GA, “AI Santa”

You’ve probably noticed that most people in AI-generated images are unusually attractive—smooth skin, brilliant smiles, eyes that pierce and hair that tumbles in lustrous waves. Even when the prompt specifies nothing in the way of appearance, this is a problem R/GA brought to (seasonally appropriate) life with a digital holiday greeting card featuring AI-generated Santa.

Walrus, “5k Fun Run t-shirt”

Walrus always manages to make clients smile with their unique t-shirt gifts. This year is another inspired design. The pic is of a walrus running in the 18th annual Walrus 5k fun run. A smart number tag sports the text: “Nobody ran it, everybody gets a t-shirt. Happy Holidays from your friends at Walrus.