A Strategist at Laundry Service Was Laid Off. But That Isn’t Dimming Her Optimism

By Doug Zanger 

We won’t go into the wormhole of predictability by saying “these are trying times” or “in this unprecedented time.” We all know what’s up, and it’s going to take a long time to get back to terra firma in the agency world overall.

However, there are serious glimmers of hope. Yes, the news about now can be one big ‘ol shit sandwich, yet, every day, we see acts of benevolence, kindness and care.

And while we don’t necessarily have the resources of John Krasinski (and his excellent work of sharing good news), we here at Chez AgencySpy would love to share some diamonds among the pile of coal as best we can.


A case in point: Megan Herren. She was a strategist at Laundry Service, which, like many agencies, has gone through layoffs and furloughs. But we love the attitude.

We’re sure that there are plenty of other examples of this out there, but we just happened to catch Megan’s this week. If you see some good stuff or thinking from agency people, please let us know at @AgencySpy on Twitter. And why the hell not? Let’s start another hashtag: #AgencySpyHatTip.

It will help us organize things when we get our Shorty Awards entry ready for next year … hopefully, a time when things will be looking much brighter.