Andy Pearson to Spearhead Creative Efforts at McKinney LA

By Mónica Zorrilla 

Andy Pearson has been named group creative director at McKinney’s third and most recently opened office in Los Angeles.

Prior to joining the Durham, N.C.-headquartered creative and media agency, Pearson held the title of vp, creative director for two years at Deutsch, producing award-winning work for brands such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Volkswagen.

“I kept hearing from other creatives how Andy was the best they’d ever worked with,” McKinney LA managing director Sylvain Tron said in a statement. “When we met to review his work and discuss his leadership approach, I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and humanity he brings to everything he does.”


In 2016, Pearson ditched agency life to go on a yearlong trip around the world with his wife. For the past four years, he kept his creative skills sharp by freelancing and spending some time at Humanaut as a creative director in residence, working with clients such as Organic Valley, PetSafe and West Elm. He also carved out some time for his survivalist passion, ultrarunning. (Pearson has completed over 40 ultramarathons in his lifetime, including more than a dozen 100 milers.)

Now, Pearson says he’s “stoked” to return to agency life with McKinney, especially in a city where content and technology converge and coexist.

“Plus,” Pearson added, “with this whole everyone-work-from-home-in-sweatpants-and-shoot-things-on-their-iPhone thing going on, it’s a unique time for us all to re-examine how great work gets made.”