WGN Meteorologist Tells Weather Haters to ‘Stick It’

By Kevin Eck 

WGN Meteorologist Paul Konrad had his own message for viewers who thinks TV weather types hype weather predictions.

“Listen, stick it,” said Konrad. “We got the forecast pretty right, pretty accurate. If you don’t like it go watch the boobs over on some other channel. But get off my ass, because I’m sick of it.”

“We got it right,” said Konrad. “If you want to come after me, come after me on a day when we get it wrong. Otherwise shut your pie hole.”

“My response to this texter and others who have been complaining we are blowing the #Snow forecast out of proportion was neither kind nor polite,” Konrad wrote on his Facebook page. “And I don’t take it back. We got it right and it was appropriate. You are wrong.”