East Coast Stations Will See A Lot of This Today

By Kevin Eck 

As the winter storm slogs through the East Coast, TVSpy thought we’d give readers a look at the various markets affected and the intrepid reporters who stand outside in the snow and icy rain to let viewers know what’s going on out there.

New York ABC-owned station WABC reports the blizzard warning has been canceled in NYC as the storm has shifted west. Meteorologists predict high winds hitting 40 to 50 mph at the height of the storm.

Albany, New York ABC affiliate WTEN predicts “Near Historic (snowfall) Levels for a March…”

“It’s important to not focus too intently on the snowfall forecast numbers but concentrate on the severity of the impacts the snow will yield such as dangerous travel conditions, the potential for stranding, and the possibility of power outages and prolonged outages,” reports Philadelphia CBS-owned KYW.

The PBS station in New York has alive view of Central Park on its Facebook page:

Here’s a look at the streets around Baltimore:

The streets of Philadelphia:

It’s cold in Connecticut, too.

Driving in the D.C. market:

An ep at WBZ in Boston showing crews ready for the Cold. Cold. Cold:

Cold. Cold. Cold. in Baltimore.

See anything in your market you think needs mentioning? Let us know.