Atlanta’s WGCL Plans to Add More Than 40 Newsroom Staffers

By Kevin Eck 

Gray Television is bucking one recent trend for new station owners. It’s expanding the newsroom in its newest purchase and flagship station, WGCL in Atlanta.

According to Atlanta Constitution-Journal media writer Rodney Ho, Gray is already actively looking for new people to join its operation.

Based on openings listed on Indeed, Gray’s CBS46 (WGCL-TV) and its sister station Peachtree TV (WPCH-TV) have 24 positions posted. Among the jobs: local news reporters, multimedia journalists, news producers, assignment editor, a technical media producer, photojournalist and statewide reporter.


The station recently hired a managing editor under news director, a position that has not been filled since 2017.

“We’ve studied the head count in relationship to the number of hours of news we want to do—and also in relationship to how we can best tell the stories in Atlanta,” said general manager Erik Shrader. “With that in mind, we plan to add over 40 people to the news department, which will constitute a sizeable jump relative to our head count under Meredith.”

Under Meredith, WGCL was known for its frequent staff turnover and revolving door of managers and strategies.

Former University of Georgia lecturer and TV news consultant Michael Castengera told Ho that Gray has a lot riding on WGCL’s success.

“This is their home market,” he said. “It will be their emblem market. They want this sucker to succeed. Under Meredith, the station was always underfunded. People would join the station only because they wanted to be in Atlanta, not because they wanted to be at CBS46. That is changing.”