#USEDTOBEAFAN: Kris Jenner Calls out KABC Weatherman for Kimye Snipe

By Kevin Eck 

KABC meteorologist Garth Kemp may have lost a fan after what he said about Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West this morning.

During a toss to break during the morning news, KABC teased a story about Kimye’s new spawn by teasing the story as a “big announcement” by the couple.

“They all of a sudden got talent? said Kemp. “Just a thought.”

Jenner called Kemp out on her instagram page by attaching the video clip and writing, “WOW @ABC7Garth @garthlkemp I thought you were better than this. @kimkardashian is a Producer, Business woman, clothing designer, entrepreneur, mother, and is the creator of her very own social media tsunami even you couldn’t predict. #kanyewest among his many talents has won 21 grammys. #BULLY #USEDTOBEAFAN #BEKIND #DONTJUDGEOTHERS #ABC7 @abc7LA”