A Month Into Network Job, Former Houston Anchor Sleeps Through Live Shot

By Kevin Eck 

Phillip Mena left Houston NBC affiliate KPRC in April for the bright lights of ABC. Saturday, he learned an important lesson about alarm clocks.

Our sister site TVNewser reports he was supposed to do live report on the Houston flooding for Good Morning America, but showed up minutes before air after oversleeping.

He was pulled from GMA and meteorologist Rob Marciano did the report instead. Mena, who formerly worked in Houston at NBC affiliate KPRC, ended up doing a Q&A with ABC affiliate KTRK about 15 minutes after his GMA hit was supposed to have happened. He’s been on the road for the last several weeks, covering the flooding in the region and, before that, the biker brawl in Waco. We hear Mena is on his way back to New York, where he’ll no doubt be in for a talking to from the bosses.