Phoenix Stations Melt Ice to Show Viewers What Record Heat Looks Like

By Kevin Eck 

In a stunt reminiscent of the Ice Desk craze from ten years ago, two Phoenix stations are reminding viewers how hot it is outside by placing 300 lb. blocks of ice with the station’s logos carved into them outside to see how long they take to melt.

ABC affiliate KNXV has been doing a series titled Will it Melt, as it says, to try “to find a silver lining to our month of record-breaking temperatures!”

In previous versions, they put marshmallows, a giant gummy bear, crayons, and more to the test. The station said the crayon melt even spurred one viewer to help out local charities.


Click here to view the station’s story about its branded Ice Block.

Our good friend over at FTVLive first reported that CBS affiliate KPHO in Phoenix did the same thing earlier this week.

In 2014, various stations wanted to show how cold it was by sending their anchors outside to sit behind desks made of ice. Click here to read about that trend.