New York’s Local News Is Being Anchored From Los Angeles, a Result of Coronavirus Infections

By Chris Ariens 

The news that three employees at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York has led to a cross-country shift in how WCBS is bringing local news to tri-state viewers.

WCBS’s 11pm newscast is being anchored by KCBS anchor Pat Harvey from Los Angeles. Afternoon newscasts were anchored by DeMarco Morgan, who previously worked in the New York market at WNBC. Both stations are branded CBS2 News.

“Good evening everyone, I’m Pat Harvey sitting in tonight in Los Angeles for Maurice Dubois, and Kristine Johnson,” Harvey said at the beginning of the newscast. “Both Maurice and Kristine are fine, and the CBS2 reporters are in the field bringing you the news from your neighborhoods,” she added.


WCBS weather anchor Lonnie Quinn has been anchoring weather reports remotely. For the 11pm newscast he was in Fairfield, Conn.

The newscasts have been a mix of local and national news, devoted almost entirely to stories about the growing COVID-19 outbreak.