Nashville Anchor Draws Attention for Playing ‘Assault Weapon Golf’

By Kevin Eck 

WKRN anchor Bob Mueller was called out after posting to social media that he played a game of “assault weapon golf” and posted a pic of himself standing next to a guy holding an assault rifle.

The story was first reported by Scoop Nashville, which pointed out the pic appeared “just weeks after the Covenant school shooting in Nashville.”

Mueller later apologized on social media, saying it was a “mistake” and that he’s “usually more attuned.”


“All of it was a mistake. This was a booth set up by the tournament to raise money for charity,” Mueller said. “You paid $100 to charity to shoot the golf ball down the fairway to get it close to the hole. It was a fundraiser. I made a mistake posting the photo.”

Mueller has worked at the station since 1980.

Some who saw the tweet called him out, “Hey @bobmuellerwkrn this is deeply insensitive to victims of gun violence. People are being slaughtered and our kids are screaming for their lives. Our schools are hunting grounds and thanks to Bob Mueller our golf courses are too. @WKRN we demand accountability.”

But, after a quick check by TVSpy, it seemed most of the responders commenting on the Scoop Nashville instagram post defended him, “God forbid this man raised 1.5 million with a rifle that shoots a golf ball. Might as well post every person that has a picture with a gun. This is silly.”

“Why are you so critical of these people having fun… and, what does the Covenant school shooting have to do with this at all? You seem to be trying to influence other people to have the same opinion as you. Let’s forget about posting facts, let’s try to get everyone to see things the way I think they should be viewed… if this makes you feel angry, it’s because I’m right.”

We asked WKRN about it. We’ll update when we hear back.