WKYC Sports Anchor Jim Donovan to Go On Medical Leave for Leukemia Relapse

By Kevin Eck 

Jim Donovan, the sports anchor for Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC, announced that he’s taking medical leave to continue his treatment for Leukemia.

Donovan is also the voice of the local NFL team Cleveland Browns. He told viewers his leukemia had relapsed in May.

“This is going to be kind of a long and winding road through this treatment plan, because it is going to be aggressive. The goal is: gotta get better, gotta get healthy, gotta move on,” He told viewers in May. “I know the deal, I’ve done it before, and I plan to do it once again,” Jimmy explained. “Through all of this, I will be here at Channel 3 and on the radio as much as I can be, but there will be periods of time that I might not be with you, maybe for a day, maybe for longer.”


At the time, WKYC president and general manager Micki Byrnes released the following statement:

Jim Donovan is a Cleveland broadcasting legend, whose name has become synonymous with the Northeast Ohio sports scene. Just as Jim handles his daily reporting and analysis with smarts, grit and strength — we know that Jim will bring that same tenacity and spirit to this health battle. We appreciate that the viewers and community stand in solidarity with our WKYC team in supporting Jim and his family, just as they always have for the past 38+ years.

He was initially diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in 2000.

Yesterday, he said he would be away for “awhile.”

“I truly appreciate everyone’s support,” Donovan said. “I promise I’ll be a listener, and I’ll be back as soon as I can.”