Boy Shoves BBC Reporter Lucinda Adam While Mother Eggs Him On

By Kevin Eck 

British Police are investigating a young boy who allegedly shoved a BBC reporter while his mother was standing across the street.

BBC reporter Lucinda Adam was reporting live outside Brighton station about train fares when a young boy appeared behind her, smiling and dancing. A few moments later, viewers saw Adam lunging toward the camera before the boy sprinted off.

Adam said the incident left her “shaken, quite angry and a bit sad.”


“Reporting live from Brighton tonight when a young boy about eight started mucking about waving his arms behind me,” said Adam. “We’ve all been there, but then he shoved me hard in the back before running off.”

Adam also said, “the saddest part is his mom was across the road egging him on and you can hear her howling with laughter.”

Here’s the video: