Anchor Larry Stogner Diagnosed with ALS, Will Retire

By Aneya Fernando 

Larry-Stroger1Last Friday, veteran WTVD anchor Larry Stogner made a shocking announcement live on-air: He’s been diagnosed with ALS (sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and will be retiring from TV news. Stroger told viewers that he will be taking a two-week break to fight the disease and spend time with this family, before returning for one final broadcast.

Stogner joined the ABC-owned Raleigh-Durham station in 1976 as a reporter, before quickly working his way up the ranks. Stogner has been the 6:00 p.m. anchor at the station since 1982.

“While we are rocked by the news, our full love and support go to Larry and his family as he fights against this disease,” said WTVD president and general manager Caroline Welch.


Stogner’s final broadcast will be February 6. Watch Stogner announce the news here.