The Ticker: O’Brien, Greece, Nightline…

By Brian 

> “I felt that old deja vu when Vladimir Putin banned ABC News from operating in Russia,” Daniel Schorr writes in the Christian Science Monitor. “It was the first official crackdown on foreign journalists since Soviet times…”

> Broadcasting & Cable profiles “morning Renaissance man” Miles O’Brien. (Via WHAC)

> Filipino “Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez yesterday branded as ‘unfair’ a CNN report showing children in the company of adults inside congested Philippine jails,” a Manila newspaper reports, but didn’t say why it was unfair…

> “Why was Fox News more than 30 minutes behind CNN with coverage of the airline crash in Greece this morning?,” an anonymous tipster asks/asserts. “I kept switching back and forth between channels, and Fox had absolutely nothing on this story, while CNN was showing video of the scene.”

> Phil Rosenthal questions the future of ABC’s Nightline: “Will it still report in a way no one else in TV does on subjects few will touch? Or will it trade depth for pace and soften in the chase for beer ads and younger viewers?”