“Company Of Heroes” Tonight On FNC

By Brian 

Tonight on Fox News, Jon Scott hosts “Company of Heroes,” an “investigative documentary on the aftermath of the Battle of Fallujah.” The two-hour program begins at 9pm, and is a follow-up to an earlier show on the subject.

In the special, FNC correspondent Greg Palkot travels to the hometowns of the Marines he was embedded with in Fallulah. “I don’t usually blow our own horn so overtly, but the FOX team has really done a fantastic job with the program,” Palkot says on FoxNews.com. “The war in Iraq is something that is consuming our whole nation right now. As I mentioned earlier, no matter where you stand on the politics of the move, it’s important to see what those involved, and the folks WORRIED about those involved, go through.

So take two hours away from your summer pleasures this weekend and watch ‘Breaking Point: Company of Heroes.’ I promise you it will be time well spent.”