Sean Hannity Sets ‘The Record Straight’ Regarding Tuesday’s Guardian Angels Incident

By Mark Mwachiro 

Recent picture of Fox News' Sean Hannity

At the end of his show on Thursday, Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity addressed a situation that unfolded during his program on Tuesday night involving the Guardian Angels.

The incident involved members of the Guardian Angels accosting an innocent person in Times Square under the assumption he was a suspected thief and a “migrant.” All this happened live on air during Hannity’s show as he was talking to Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the group, which prides itself on being an anti-crime patrol unit.

The Guardian Angels were allegedly patrolling the New York streets after a recent incident where suspected migrants assaulted New York City police officers in Times Square.


The innocent person was initially issued a citation for disorderly conduct by the New York Police Department, with the NYPD later saying on Wednesday that there was no proof to suggest the person was shoplifting and that the person was not a migrant but a resident of New York City, specifically the Bronx.

At the conclusion of his Thursday night show, Hannity, in an apparent attempt to separate himself and Fox News from the Times Square situation, commented on the incident:

Before we go tonight, I want to talk about Curtis Sliwa’s appearance on this show on Tuesday night when members of The Guardian Angels stopped a man and the police were called. Now Curtis said that the man was a migrant and that he was shoplifting. Fox News has since spoken to the NYPD. Apparently, the statements made by Curtis that the man is a migrant is not true, and the man was given a summons for disorderly conduct. Today, Curtis Sliwa acknowledged to The Washington Post that the man has not been charged with shoplifting and Curtis said in part, “I shouldn’t have been listening to the crowd. That was my mistake. I should not have had that knee-jerk reaction.”

“On this show, we always want to set the record straight,” Hannity added.

Watch the end of the show segment below.