Kasie Hunt Departs CNN’s State of the Race Due to Added Morning Responsibilities

By Mark Mwachiro 

Earlier this week, CNN announced a reorganization of its morning schedule that eliminated the current iteration of CNN This Morning in favor of CNN News Central. Because of that, other shifts are now happening in the company.

Kasie Hunt was one of the beneficiaries of the new schedule as her early morning show, Early Start, was expanded to two hours and takes on the CNN This Morning name. With the added workload, Hunt is now exiting the US-focused political show State of the Race, airing on CNN International and the CNN Max streaming service.

At the end of Friday’s State of the Race, she informed her viewers that she would no longer be anchoring the show as “she is taking more responsibilities in the morning.”


Hunt said she enjoyed being part of the show and thanked her show teams, technical and editorial, in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

She encouraged viewers to keep watching the program, which will continue without her. Starting on Monday, anchor Jessica Dean will step in.

TVNewser reached out to CNN seeking additional information regarding the State of the Race transition from Hunt to a new anchor, but the network did not immediately respond.

Watch the video of Hunt’s announcement from State of the Race below.