John Avlon Leaves CNN

By Mark Mwachiro 

Profile picture of CNN's John Avlon

Political contributor and occasional fill-in anchor John Avlon announced on Thursday night that he is departing CNN.

Friday is his last day at the network.

Avlon made the announcement during Erin Burnett’s show Outfront, saying he had the “greatest respect and appreciation for CNN.” Burnett remarked that Avlon had been on her show since its inception, and she wished him “the best.”


He also appeared on Friday’s edition of CNN This Morning, with Poppy Harlow saying that she learned from him every day and “that you are just a good human.” Phil Mattingly said Avlon’s “intellectual curiosity for every single day gets me going in the morning.”

Avlon responded, “I have loved being with you and this extraordinary team and the extraordinary crew for so long, for so many years. It’s not a chore to get up this early. It’s a joy because of the camaraderie and the community and the important work that you all and CNN does every day. It’s been an honor, and here’s to a new chapter.”

He officially joined CNN as a political contributor in May 2010, with the network saying at that time, “Avlon will appear on the full line-up of CNN programming as part of the network’s diverse group of analysts and contributors.”

Avlon became a full-time CNN employee in 2018, serving as a senior political analyst and also filling as an anchor as needed.

He has not disclosed what he would be doing post-CNN.