Remembering Peter: Morning Recap

By Brian 

I’m flying to San Antonio, Texas this morning. Blogging will resume around noon. Scroll down for memories of Peter and the rest of the day’s news-about-the-news.

Peter Jennings nurtured the ABC News staff, and now they will “carry on the tradition,” David Westin says.
“Jennings was a teacher:” & other memories and messages.
“If only Peter were here now,” Michael Eisner and Robert Iger say: “With his succinct eloquence, he could find the words to describe the depth of our sorrow and loss.”

“It seems so unfair,” Dan Rather says.

Aaron Brown remembered Peter on a special edition of NewsNight.

“Jennings was a pain in the butt…and I really liked him,” Bill O’Reilly reflects.

  “It is difficult for us to talk about Peter in the past tense.” —Charles Gibson on Monday’s WNT

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> has devoted a section of its Web site to Jennings.