Remembering Peter: “No Wonder They Pay You So Much,” BBC’s Simpson Said

By Brian 

John Simpson, the BBC world affairs editor, says a “great spirit” is gone:

 On one spectacular occasion in the early 1990s, I was watching ABC News from a hotel room somewhere in the United States when something distinctly unusual happened — the videotape of a report on, I think, the situation in the former Soviet Union broke while it was being transmitted.

The producer cut straight to Peter in the studio, who apologised and then told us quickly and clearly what the correspondent’s report was going on to say.

I do not suppose one news presenter in 200 could do that, because they rarely even see the reports they introduce beforehand.

But what impressed me was the ease and fluency with which Peter summed up the correspondent’s points.

Later, Simpson wrote to Jennings and said “no wonder they pay you so much.” Here’s the rest of the reflection. (Thanks Rowan)