Remembering Peter: “The 007 Of Network Newsmen” In The Morning Papers

By Brian 

> USA Today: “Jennings had enough influence within ABC News to push for serious, in-depth stories and coverage of world events that mattered to him and that he felt viewers needed to know about — whether they realized it or not. And that’s something viewers might never see again.

> Washington Post: He “was a man of contradictions: A high-school dropout who got his education around the globe as a foreign correspondent. A Canadian who came to love America and tearfully got his citizenship after 9/11. A fiercely disciplined journalist whose personal life encompassed four marriages…”

> LA Times: More than 25,000 viewers have “posted messages on the ABC News website expressing their grief.” “One word describes Peter Jennings on air: Class,” wrote one. “He shall be missed.”

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “Movie-star handsome and impeccably dressed, he projected the cool elegance of a European count. He sounded like one, too, but occasionally, his clipped cadence revealed his Toronto roots, with about becoming aboot.”

> San Diego Union-Tribune: “Jennings was always learning, and his insatiable desire to keep learning may have been his defining quality.”

> LA Times: “If you had commissioned his portrait, the ideal artist would have been one of those early German romantics — say, Caspar David Friedrich — whose subjects were neither too close nor too far off. Jennings the journalist was quintessentially a man of the middle distance.”

> NY Times: “Though his bearing could be stiff on the air (and his syntax sometimes criticized as being so simplistic as to border on patronizing), Mr. Jennings was immensely popular with his audience.”

> Newsday: “We tried to recruit him for ’60 Minutes.’ That says it all,” CBS News correspondent Mike Wallace says…

> U.K. Telegraph: America mourned Jennings’ death “with the reverence other nations reserve for the passing of heads of state.”

> Palm Beach Post: “He was the epitome of cool, the 007 of network newsmen.”

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