Previewing CNBC’s Programming Overhaul: “New Way Of Delivering News;” Aims To Build Audience During Day

By Brian 

First on TVNewser: “Looking to dig CNBC out of a long-running ratings slump, while gearing up for a possible assault from the Fox News Channel, CNBC president Mark Hoffman is about to embark on a program[m]ing overhaul,” today’s New York Daily News says. What sort of overhaul is in the works? Is a “major reshuffle of talent, production staff and programs” coming, as one tipster says?

Last week, I asked if a shakeup was coming. Here are some of the responses:

> “No great shakeup is coming that will have a major impact on roles. Just a new way of delivering the news.”

> “CNBC to ‘re-create’ the way it delivers the news. It has been happening slowly with use of the massive newsroom we have,” a tipster says. It will involve “less show branding in the afternoon. Try and build through the day, which we have gone away from. The morning show, Squawk Box, has been the only show with a focus. Once the trading day begins at 9;30, we haven’t had much guidance and stories were repeated ad nauseum.”

> Squawk Box, the net’s signature morning show, “may see some significant changes.” New on-air talent, “most likely smart print folks with big names,” are being hired “to provide some excitement and color.” If I suggested Ashleigh Banfield could come to CNBC, would you call me crazy?

> Management “thinks groups of people dishing on air about business is the way to go, vs. single anchor shows.”

> I am sure Wake Up Call, the 5-7am show, will not survive,” an e-mailer says. “Ever since Liz Claman was promoted and then Brad Goode went back to Seattle local TV, the show was on a shoestring. Something out of Europe or Asia will replace it.”

Use the tip box to clarify the rumors or add to this list…

(Photo via Brian Rose.)