Jim Cramer Achieved…Anger

By Brian 

Jim Cramer‘s success as a hedge fund manager turned him “into a monster who screamed and cursed, smashed telephones and computers and terrorized his employees,” Dan Rather said in a 60 Minutes profile of the Mad Money host last night.

What made him so angry? “Because I wanted to achieve,” he says. “And I felt that I could master it. And whenever I didn’t master it, it was usually because of a mistake that I made. And I would think that the mistakes should have been avoided. So I was very hard on myself.”

He finally came to his senses after a conversation with his father.

“He just said to me, he says ‘Look, I just know that, you know, I’m gonna outlive you. I just know that…’ And I said, ‘Well, dad, I am a very successful hedge fund…’ He says, ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m gonna outlive you. I’m gonna outlive you. You can’t go on like this.'”

He “turned his life around,” and you know the rest…