MacCallum’s “Very Free-Flowing Show”

By Brian 

Sunday’s Bergen Record includes a feature on “professional juggler” and Fox News Live anchor Martha MacCallum.

“We’re very oriented to what’s happening now and bringing things to people live,” she says.

More: “MacCallum’s ‘very free-flowing show’ follows DaySide, an audience talk show, and precedes Studio B With Shepard Smith. She thinks of the 2 o’clock hour as ‘resetting the whole rest of the day and preparing viewers for prime time.’

She, senior producer Kim Rosenberg and producer Rachel McEntee have healthy debates about the show’s content, MacCallum says. ‘If it doesn’t get all three of us going, we wonder if it’s going to get other people going,’ she says. ‘But I also find that if you’re invested in a story, you can make other people interested in it.'”