Pope: Primetime Notes

By Brian 

> On Friday’s NBC Nightly News, Tom Brokaw interviewed Tim Russert. “We thought we would ask two of our most notable NBC News colleagues to remember and reminisce about the Papacy of Pope John Paul II,” BW said in his intro…

> MSNBC.com is running a Vatican Watch blog with frequent Pope updates. Citizen Journalists are contributing stories of their encounters with the Pope.

> ABC News Now is “closely monitoring the condition of Pope John Paul II.” The digital net is offering live anchored coverage at the top and bottom of every hour.

> An e-mailer asks: “Did you notice the font that Fox and MSNBC both held up on their screens for HOURS this afternoon that ‘Vatican statement expected soon’? While the Vatican told any journalist who asked that no statement was expected, both networks kept the banner up. Could it be that a provocative banner like that is very good for ratings?”