Pope: Here’s The FNC Producer Who Shouted “The Pope Is Dead…”

By Brian 

An Fox News insider has outed the “Pope Dead” producer as Rachel McEntee. Her voice was heard on the translator’s open mic in the audio booth this afternoon. McAntee is an “amateur who doesn’t belong anywhere near this big of a story,” the insider told TVNewser. The FNCer added that no one is holding Shep accountable for the mistake, because he handles breaking news constantly, and was put in an “extremely awkward position” after McEntee’s frantic voice was heard on the air…

> Update: 10:35pm: “I worked alongside Rachel for six years at FNC, and I can tell you — she is NOT an amateur,” a former FNC employee e-mails TVNewser. “She is, in fact, one of the more intelligent, knowledgeable, and professional people on the staff. From the sound of the tape, it seems that Rachel was simply doing her job: passing on to others in-house — not to the viewing audience — information that was coming in from the Vatican. That the information was wrong, and that her voice wound up on air, were the faults of others — not Rachel’s.”

> Update: 7:30pm: An anonymous Fox News employee e-mails to say that McAntee jumped the gun and panicked big time. The employee says you can be sure that Rachel will be nowhere near the control room the next time breaking news rolls around.