Pope: Wall-To-Wall Weekend

By Brian 

All of these schedules are subject to change:

> FNC has scheduled more than 48 hours of Fox News Live. Jon Scott, John Gibson, Bob Sellers, Laurie Dhue, Greg Jarrett, Paige Hopkins will host through the overnight. Fox & Friends will air in its usual time slots. Saturday: The schedule includes most of the weekday talent, including David Asman, Linda Vester and Shep Smith in their usual time slots. Shep will anchor from 8 to 10pm, followed by Geraldo until midnight and Rita Cosby until 2am. Sunday: Continuous live coverage continues, including regular editions of Weekend Live and the Fox Report. In primetime, Greta at 8, Shep at 9 and Geraldo at 10. Live coverage is currently scheduled to conclude at 2am Monday.

> CNN: U.S. will simulcast CNNI from midnight to 7am. Saturday: American Morning from 7am to noon. CNN/U.S. will simulcast the International feed from noon to 4pm. Aaron Brown in Rome and Carol Lin in Atlanta will anchor from 4 to 7pm. Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour in Rome and Paula Zahn in NY will host from 7 to 9 and 10 to midnight, interrupted by Larry King. Sunday: CNNI’s feed will air until 7am, when another five hours of American Morning will air. After two hours of Late Edition, a taped People in the News on the Pope will air. From 3 to 7pm, Brown and Lin will anchor, then PitN will air again. Cooper, Amanpour, and Zahn are back from 8 to 9 and 10 to 11…

> MSNBC will be live 24/7 through Sunday night (maybe with a couple Pope documentaries mixed in). Joe Scarborough took over for Keith Olbermann for two hours at 9, and Olbermann will return at 11 for three more hours. A more complete schedule will be available Saturday morning. We may see Tucker Carlson co-hosting on Sunday night…