Jorge Ramos: When Trump Talks About Immigrants, ‘He’s Talking About Me’

By Mark Joyella 

On CNN, Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos called the proposed immigration policies of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump as “absurd” and “everything Donald Trump is trying to sell is false.”

In the interview on AC360, Ramos told CNN’s John Berman “this is personal. When he’s talking about immigrants, he’s talking about me.”

Ramos broke down Trump’s proposals, saying none of them are workable. “He can’t deport 11 million people from this country…can you imagine the human rights violation that that would create?” Ramos said estimates of the cost of deporting that many people run as high as 137 billion dollars.


Ramos, who sent a hand-written request to Trump for an interview–only to have the note, including his cell phone number, posted to social media by Mr. Trump–continues to invite the candidate to agree to an interview.