Back From Vacation, Megyn Kelly Attacked By Donald Trump

By Chris Ariens 

Megyn Kelly returned from a pre-planned 10-day vacation tonight, and we know at least one presidential candidate was watching. Donald Trump, in typical Trump style, took a swipe at Kelly on Twitter:

In her lead segment about the Black Lives Matter movement, Kelly interviewed GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, followed by an interview with Cornel West. Trump’s jab came after his appearance earlier tonight on Bill O’Reilly‘s show, which Kelly cited in a segment about his immigration proposals:

This all goes back to the first GOP debate when Trump took exception with one of Kelly’s questions. That escalated into a full on battle with Fox News. A truce was eventually called, but then was broken. Then, just last week, Trump called Fox News “very important” to any GOP candidate on the road to the White House.

For her part, for now, and as she has all along, Kelly is staying above the fray. For his part, Trump is not. He’s retweeting several followers, including one who called Kelly a “bimbo.”