Hurricane Dennis: Reporter Deployments

By Brian 

> FNC: War correspondent Steve Harrigan is in Dalphine, Alabama; Jeff Goldblatt is in Panama City Beach; Julie Bandares is near New Orleans; Orlando Salinas is at the National Hurricane Center in Miami; Jonathan Serrie and Phil Keating are also on the scene. FNC is relying on a local affiliate correspondent in Pensacola.

> CNN: Anderson Cooper, John Zarrella, and Randi Kaye are in Pensacola; Chad Meyers is in Panama City; Dan Lothian is in Mobile, Alabama; Rick Sanchez is with Hurricane One; Drew Griffin and Keith Oppenheim are in Foley, Alabama; Alina Cho is in Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Peter Viles is in Gulfport, Mississippi.

NBC/MSNBC: Ron Mott is in Fort Walton Beach; Lisa Daniels, Martin Savidge, Campbell Brown, Al Roker, and Hoda Kotb are in Pensacola; Don Teague is in Gulf Shores; Donna Gregory is in Panama City; and Joe Scarborough is in Atlanta.