Hurricane Dennis: Cable Schedule Update

By Brian 

> FNC: Has scrapped its 4 and 5pm taped shows in favor of hurricane coverage. The network is promoting a two-hour edition of ‘At Large with Geraldo Rivera’ from 10pm to midnight. Live coverage will continue until 3am.

> CNN: The O’Brien’s will continue anchoring until 4pm, according to CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein. Kyra Phillips and Wolf Blitzer will take over until 9pm, when Larry King will be live for an hour. Phillips and Blitzer will continue from 10pm to midnight, when Carol Lin will be live until sunrise.

> MSNBC: Will be live until at least 2:00am, according to network spokesperson. ‘Meet the Press’ and Chris Jansing’s ‘Return to Flight’ special are being pre-empted for hurricane coverage. Joe Scarborough will begin hosting from Pensacola at 6pm. (The space shuttle special has been rescheduled for Tuesday night.)