Hurricane Dennis: This Is The Obligatory “Anderson Cooper Braving The Storm” Post

By Brian 

36 hours after anchoring ‘360’ from London, Anderson Cooper arrived in Florida on Sunday morning. He is standing in Pensacola, Florida with John Zarrella. “Whoa! Anderson and John’s report right now is amazing,” an e-mailer said at 3:05pm.

Cooper is tossing to correspondents while being pummeled by horizontal rain. “We’re not protected,” Zarrella said at one point. “My mom is watching, chill out on that a little bit!,” Cooper joked.

“We can’t help being a teensy bit happy to see Anderson Cooper all wet and glistening, even though we are concerned for his safety,” my cousin FishBowlNY says. “He’s there with ‘big guy’ John Zarrella, who he says will anchor him and keep him safe. Aw. I’m thinking they should be a bit worried though — they’re down to half a tank of gas and nothing is open — no gas stations, convenience stores, nothing. Says Anderson: “We stocked up on junk food.” (Anderson! Your perfect skin!)”