Hurricane Dennis: Notes #4

By Brian 

> FNC’s Geraldo Rivera is on his way toward Pensacola, and he’s hoping to anchor ‘At Large’ from here tonight, but he may not make it because of the weather…

> The award for most hyperbolic anchoring goes to Paige Hopkins, for saying “this is a catastrophic storm of enormous proportions.”

> 3:19pm: Anderson Cooper said CNN International is now simulcasting the CNN/U.S. hurricane feed.

> CNN’s Miles O’Brien: “When you talk about epic storms, you can talk about Hugo or Andrew or Camille. I think Dennis will go along with them.”

> MSNBC’s images are compelling, but most of them are on tape; Why aren’t we seeing the LIVE bug more often?

> CNN’s Soledad O’Brien: “When you consider the conditions, when u consider the winds…to some degree it’s kind of a miracle that these shots get off. The shots that get off without a hitch, those are the amazing ones. The technology is not really meant to withstand those kind of conditions.”

> “CNN is really giving The Weather Channel a run for its money with its hurricane coverage,” WHAC says.