Couric Watch: Credibility Problem?

By Brian 

Before CBS News executives sign Katie Couric‘s contract, they have something to think about, Richard Huff says: “There are folks who think she has a credibility

After his Macy’s Thanskgiving Day Parade column, he received many letters and e-mails from readers.

“These two have absolutely no credibility to lose,” wrote Allan Jones.

“With regard to losing credibility with viewers, that would require Katie and Matt actually having credibility. Unfortunately, that was
lost loooooong ago,” wrote Allen Shaver.

“The idea that Couric and Lauer are newscasters, rather than in the entertainment business, is an insult to real newscasters,” added Claudia Brown.

“This is not to say Couric couldn’t make the transition to evening news anchor,” Huff
“Tom Brokaw made the jump from Today to Nightly News years ago. There is a difference, though, and this may be fueling the anti-Couric wave: I can’t recall Brokaw ever wearing a Halloween
costume on air.”