New Nightline: ‘Sign Of Times’ Square

By Brian 

columnist Jonathan Storm asks:
“What’s the new Nightline trying to do with all those jiggling graphics and the lights of Times Square glaring in the background — send viewers to bed with a headache?”

He wonders if Kodak, Coke and Mr. Peanut are paying ABC product-placement fees for their prominent positions beyond Cynthia McFadden. “All that visual clutter is supposed to hypnotize the young folks, but, dude, they’re not watching in the first place,” he notes…

> BCBeat, Nov. 30: “To a viewer who has been conditioned by widespread placement of products and logos in TV programming, there appears to be a big plug for Kodak in the show. Let’s face it, there is a big plug for Kodak. Believe me, if I owned that ad space I would boost my rates tomorrow in an e-mail that included a screen-grab of McFadden’s extended Kodak moment.”