CNN Removes Novak From Promos, But He We Wants To Back On CNN Soon

By Brian 

Robert Novak is on an apology tour. “I overreacted” on Thursday’s Inside Politics, and I apologized for it,” Novak said Saturday. “That’s all I have to say.”

Quoting the AP: “He said that he and the CNN network had mutually agreed that he should take time off. But he said that, despite reports, he did not think the network used the word ‘suspension’ and he hoped he would soon return to work.”

At a debate at the Business Council of Alabama’s annual conference, Paul Begala joked: “You know, as Bob said, he has had three kinds of cancer, two busted hips; you know, I think he is allowed a cuss word or two. I’ve said that and worse, just not on the air…” (Via WHAC)

> But: “CNN remade its Situation Room promo to take OUT Robert Novak,” an e-mailer notes…