Let’s Name Steve Harrigan’s Book

By Brian 

Fox News war correspondent Steve Harrigan has been reporting this week from Mexico on an “explosion of violence along the Texas-Mexico border.” 43 Americans have been kidnapped in the past year. Harrigan is going to write a bestseller one day, as his columns this week demonstrate:

> Day one: “You can tell a lot about a cameraman by how he packs a car.”

> Day two: “The tears were small, just droplets. Maybe after eight months there wasn’t much left.”

> Day three: “I tapped on the window of the Neon. ‘It’s good you have Sirius,’ I said, ‘but it would be nice to have armor.’ ‘No,’ he said, ‘No need.'”

> Day four: “We did the live shot last night outside a house that had bazooka holes in it. I was able to stick my hand through a hole. A Chihuahua started barking as soon as I started the live shot. I wonder how he did during the bazooka fight.”

> Day five: “In a town where the last two police chiefs have been murdered, another city official, this time the councilman in charge of public security, was gunned down….at 9 am, one block from city hall.”