CNN International’s First Move With Julia Chatterley Gets New Timeslot and Re-Launch Date

By Mark Mwachiro 

On hiatus since September 2023, CNN International’s weekday business show anchored by Julia Chatterley will relaunch on Monday, Jan. 29, with a new look, new format, and a new time: 6 p.m. ET/6 a.m. HKT.

The reimagined First Move with Julia Chatterley will have an Asia focus, digging into the big stories that will shape the day for viewers in Asia as they wake up. It will tap into CNN’s network of correspondents around the globe, alongside news-making guests and expert analysis, to provide a comprehensive briefing on what matters and why.

First Move will continue to originate from CNN’s New York offices and take on a broad palate, covering news, finance, business, technology, AI, art, travel, fashion, sports & entertainment. It will also continue to explore the frontier science, cutting-edge tech, and innovations driving 21st-century societies while analyzing their impact on the climate, health, wealth, and geopolitical competition.


“Our vision for this major evolution of First Move is about providing a bridge from the West to the East. We’ll be using CNN’s global reach and our position in the world’s premier business and financial center to bring the biggest stories, the highest profile guests, and the freshest content into an engaging, informative, and entertaining package,” Chatterley said in a statement. “We cannot wait to get started.”

CNN International programming svp Meara Erdozain added: “We’re thrilled to bring Julia’s energy, deep knowledge of business, politics, and tech, and her wealth of experience covering a wide range of stories to this important audience. Viewers in Asia will now be able to wake up to a vibrant show tailored to their needs as they start the day, and audiences elsewhere will also be able to enjoy the dynamic, comprehensive briefing that First Move does so well.”

When it left the airwaves in September, the indication then was that the show was permanently going off the air and not on hiatus, with Chatterley even playing a highlight clip of some of the show’s best moments.

First Move debuted Sept. 18, 2018 on CNN International as a morning business show presented live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, covering the latest market moves in the U.S. and globally.

At that time, Chatterley, in an interview with TVNewser, described her new show as “a fast-paced, high energy, informative and engaging snapshot of what we call the day’s drivers. Drivers of markets and/or conversation. We aim to cut through the noise, giving you context and perspective on the stories you need to know. Helping the viewer to make their First Move.”